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About Us - Maalee Education Private Ltd, Chennai

Maalee Education Private Ltd, a successful and professionally driven entrance education coaching institution of EXCELLENCE that attracts aspiring NEET and IIT-JEE students across India.

Maalee Education understands well the NUANCES of entrance coaching that helps us STAY AHEAD of the rest in the coaching SPACE!   We know that the students’ NEEDS with respect to learning platforms are different due to various reasons and therefore FOCUS on all available DELIVERY MODES such as RESIDENTIAL, ONLINE, DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAMME (DLP), WEEKEND and WEEKDAYS (after school hours for the convenience of students). As we give plenty of options, no aspiring medical or engineering  student goes disappointed because of INCONVENIENCE in attending our coaching. Aspirants are at their liberty to choose any mode of learning as per their convenience.  REST ASSURED of Realizing your Dream with MAALEE Education! and GET to your DESTINATION of securing admission into Medical and Engineering in STYLE and without any PAINS usually associated with Coaching Institutions. We literally HAND HOLD every aspirant till they SUCCEED! Maalee Education will do everything possible to help the aspirants of medical and engineering to "MANIFEST MAJESTICALLY”.  


Maalee Education’s Vision is to LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED in helping the aspirants of Medical and Engineering to succeed  in their dream of becoming highly respected doctors and engineers and also to produce them as EFFICIENT, MEANINGFUL, EFFECTIVE and MOST USEFUL to INDIA and other countries of the world. 


Maalee Education knows well that it is the "QUALITY of FACULTY”- a differential factor in the end for realizing the aspirants’ dream of clearing the entrance exams. Therefore, we make sure we draw EXPERT faculty from Hyderabad, Kerala and Chennai.  Our NEET EXPERT faculty’s guidance is available 24/7 for all students. We understand that  EFFICIENCY of faculty must translates into EFFECTIVENESS of aspirants’ learning so that they can COMPETE with the rest of the aspirants across India.


Maalee Education uses all the state of the art technologies to stay updated upfront so that the LEARNING EXPERIENCE of students is great to say the least!


Maalee knows that facilities of the institution, be it A/C class rooms, posh bungalows for comfortable and FEEL AT HOME stay and anything related,  should be at their best in getting the desired result from the aspirants and to give them FEEL GOOD factor throughout their association with Maalee.  We are sure our ambience and facilities will greatly help you STAY FRESH, ENERGETIC and REJUVENATED throughout our association. Peace, Safety, and Homely food are certainly the necessities of facilities and Maalee never COMPROMISES on these! 

We mean what we say and let us know your interest in Maalee to take your interest FORWARD!