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About Us - Maalee Education Private Ltd, Chennai

Within a span of 5 Years, Maalee Education has embarked upon a mission that envisions the whole world of competitive education (Medical and Engineering) through its services from Foundation to Advance level.  In this pursuit Maalee Education has to give credit to its team, teaching methodology and student centric approach. We are now catering to the need of a student throughout its academic cycle till he stepped into the professional life. We are here to shape the career of the student through Maalee Universe, a complete competitive educational hub – Foundation, Advance and Crash Course.

Our Vision:
To exemplify Excellence and Leadership in Education.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to serve society through excellence and quality education. We always aim to define, and continually refine, the absolute standard of excellence in the area of competitive academics through -The quality of education we provide. The efficiency of our methodologies and systems.Truthfulness towards students, parent, society and nation. In our students, we aspire to build the attitudes, values, ethics and vision that will prepare them for lifetimes of continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers.

Our Values:
The Administration, faculty and staff of the Maalee education share a set of core beliefs and commitments.

We believe in:·        
  • Student Success.·        
  • Lifelong learning.·         
  • Respect, Integrity, Trust, ·         
  • Honesty and Ethical behavior.·         
  • Continuous Quality Improvement.·         
  • Excellence.
We commit ourselves to:
Prepare students for the future.Impart knowledge on which students can build bright career.Treat everyone with respect and fairness.Exemplify our values by serving as teachers and role models.

Academic Director’s Message:

"Don’t Seek Success Seek Competence and Empowerment”

Welcome to Maalee Education! 

First of all I would like to congratulate you on your resolution for aspiring engineer or a doctor from one of the premier institute in South India.

To succeed in any competitive examination, you need strong internal motivation. No one can force you to prepare & work smart. Success means to do the thing the way it works. Your passion for excellence, ability to learn, expert’s and versatile guidance can certainly determine your success in a top level competitive examination.

At, Maalee Education, the Systematic and Adavnced Teaching Methodology helps you to gain knowledge; simultaneously it also inculcates positive attitude, self-belief and high level of confidence, which is essentially required to qualify in any competitive examinations.

Learning is everywhere at Maalee Education in the classroom, from the fellow students, and throughout the institute that serves as your broader classroom. We provide a student centric learning environment to simulate intellectual development; encourage analytical thinking that develops competitive ability. Our goal is to enhance performance based student’s achievements by improving their knowledge base & exam taking skills.

Maalee Education’s Courses have been carefully calibrated to provide the breadth and depth of knowledge you’ll need to succeed. At the same time you must inculcate a very positive attitude within and always bear in mind that only your own resolution to achieve success is more important than any other thing.

All the best for your academic endeavor.

Dr. Kunal Das , Postdoc (Abroad) PhD (IIEST), M.Tech, M.Sc.